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Neurosoft Technologies Ltd. is a leading Bangladeshi company providing convergent Billing, CRM, Mediation, Provisioning, Inter-operator Billing and Settlement, Payment Management Platform, Messaging, Complete Project Management,  Customized Application and Service Management solutions with specialization in revenue management for telecommunications, ,utilities and other service providers. Neurosoft's solutions are highly flexible and offering wide range of accessibility through web, wireless device and general window applications.

We offer industry standard support and maintenance plan to ensure seamless operation of our client's business. Neurosoft also emphasis client's future need and offer highly competitive customization features to reduce client's TCO.

In addition to these innovative products, Neurosoft as a partner of Sybase Inc. providing Database Management, Wireless, Mobile Banking, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions to various industries. Neurosoft is continuously innovating new solutions for government and private entrepreneurs to streamlining tasks and increase their efficiency level through ICT applications and automation.

Neurosoft has closed/implemented contract of 1 million USD in 2007-2008 through billing and CRM products from telecom sector. These projects saved around 4.00 million USD in foreign currencies. Neurosoft is now looking for international business/partners and having negotiation with some foreign companies.

We are very much hopeful to save millions of dollars outward remittance and export few million dollars software within upcoming years.

Our Major Strength:

  • Highly skilled industry experts in our technical team.
  • Proven world-class robust and high performing solutions.
  • Unbeatable price to increase client’s competitive edge.
  • Wide range of features to enable client’s competitive advantage over their competitors.
  • Fastest enhancement to meet fast changing products and services requirement.
  • Local support, online support through Internet for 24 x 7 and on-site support on requirement.
  • Comprehensive User Acceptance Test (UAT) before any commercial launch.
  • On-site/on-job user training and technology transfer reduces vendor dependency.
  • Operation management upon requirement.

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