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neuroBOSS – A simple, but power full ERP with mobile apps.


CareNBill - Convergent Customer Relationship  Management and Billing suite for telecom operators and other service providers.

NeuroMed - Mediation Systems for telecom operators and ISP. Previously known as GeMS/mgenII.

NeuroProv - Provisioning Systems for telecom operators. Previously known as pGenII.

NeuroConnect - Interoperator Billing and Settlement Solutions for telecom operators like IGW/ICX/ANS and other carriers.

NeuroRate - Convergent rating engine supports world’s most complex (horizontal and vertical) retail and inter-carrier rating. Previously known as RG2.

NeuroPay - Universal Payment Management Platform includes electronic voucher generation, distribution, pinless recharge for postpaid and prepaid accounts, third-party bill collection, mobile payments, multilevel recharge dealer management, supports value in currency, talk time, events etc.

NeuroMessage - Corporate Messaging Platform for any business.

NeuroCredit - Credit Management Solution with support of Automatic, Semi-automatic and Manual credit actions based on user defined rules.

NeuroTicket - Complaint Management Solution for any business using SMS, Internet and Call Center. Detail analytical reports for KPI measurement is included.

NeuroProject - Complete Project Management Suite including project planning, BOQ preparation, project progress monitoring, invoicing, collection and revenue analysis.

NeuroChannel - Supply chain management solution which includes Warehouse and Inventory Management, distribution channel management and commissioning.

NeuroAssurance - Revenue Assurance Solution for telecom operators like IGW/ICX/ANS and other carriers. This includes Mediation, Aggregation, Reporting and reconciliation process and procedures.

Customized Solutions - Neurosoft emphasize on large and medium size customized solutions for business process automation of large industries, corporate, banks, insurance & financial institutions and government agencies.

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